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Here are some tips to help you with various computer related issues. In the near future, you will be able to download the same quick reference tip sheets that I provide to all of my clients. These tip sheets have a front and back and contain additional information about each tip shown below.

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General Computing Tips

  1. Backup your data
  2. Update virus definitions
  3. Run Windows updates
  4. Run disk defragmenter
  5. Uninstall unused programs
  6. Download latest software drivers
  7. Keep your PC cool
  8. Check all connections
  9. If all else fails - Reboot
  10. If you need additional help, call (414) 559-1227.

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PC Security Tips

  1. Use a Windows password to log in to your PC (no auto-logins!!)
  2. Use hard to guess passwords (use a combination of numbers, letters and characters)
  3. Use anti-virus software
  4. Use an anti-spyware program
  5. Do not open email attachments from unknown sources
  6. Install a hardware firewall (or at least run a firewall program on your PC)
  7. Set a screensavor password
  8. Backup your data regularly and password protect your backups
  9. Encrypt file attachments when sending via email
  10. Let me perform a comprehensive security audit of your systems.
    Call (414) 559-1227 to schedule a service visit.

Speed Up Your PC

  1. Add More Memory
  2. Eliminate Startup Folder Items
  3. Remove Unnecessary Programs
  4. Defragment Hard Drives
  5. Disable Windows Indexing Service
  6. Reduce Windows XP “Eye Candy”
  7. Reduce Recycling Bin Size
  8. Run Chkdsk
  9. Remove Windows Messenger
  10. If the above steps didn't help, contact me at (414) 559-1227 for a free consultation.

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