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  Residential Services

In addition to business services, I offer a wide variety of services for residential customers at a discounted rate. From the experienced PC "guru" to the PC novice, I can assist you with virtually all of your computer needs. In addition, many computer questions and problems can be resolved quickly via the online without the need for a visit to your home.

Call (414) 559-1227 or email to set up a free consultation. My rates are competitive and vary depending on the job.

Available residential services include:

Remote Help Desk
Remote Help Desk
Do you need help ASAP? In a matter of seconds, I can be logged onto your computer remotely (with your permission, of course). This fast and secure access allows me to log on to provide instant help desk support or real-time training. Check out the page for more information.
New Computer Setup

Did you just purchase a new PC and are wondering what to do next? I can assist you with the setup process so that you can start using your new, high-tech "toy" as soon as possible.

Software Installation/Configuration
Whether you are looking to upgrade existing software on your PC or install new software, I can help you with the installation and configuration.
PC Repair Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  If you are like 99% of the rest of the population, you've had computer problems. Whether it be emails not sending, files not saving, programs not opening, or printers not printing, computer problems are inevitable. I have many years experience troubleshooting and diagnosing computer problems of all types.
System Optimization/Tune-up
Is your PC running slower and slower with every passing day? Does your PC freeze up and require constant reboots? If so, it might be time for a PC "tune-up." By cleaning out old programs and data and optimizing your PC's settings, you could see a substantial boost in performance.
Virus/Spyware Removal
Did your security software detect a virus or spyware program that it cannot repair or remove? Did your PC suddenly start acting "strangely," but no viruses or spyware are being detected? Even if your software didn't detect a virus, your PC could still be infected.
Home Networking

If your home doesn't currently have a network, I can set one up for you. With a home network, you can have multiple PC's connect to the internet, easily transfer files from PC to PC, share printers and scanners, create a centralized backup solution, and much more. I can also configure a virtual private network (VPN) if you need to connect your PC to your workplace.


Technology is always changing and advancing. I realize that it can be confusing to keep up with the new computer hardware and software titles that are introduced on a daily basis. If you need any help to better utilizing your PC or software, I can provide one-on-one training on a variety of topics.


PC Security

Your PC probably contains sensitive and confidential data that you do not want other's to access. Let me show you how to protect your PC and important data from external threats.

Web Design Personal Web Site Design
  Do you want to establish a presence on the internet with your very own web site? Creating your own web site is probably easier than you think. Plus, it can be a lot of fun. I can help you create your own personal web site and teach you how to maintain it.
support plans

Monthly Support Plans Available

An affordable solution for those who need frequent computer help. Customized support plans can include telephone, email and online support. Plans can also include regularly scheduled visits to your home, if desired.
Other Services
Are you looking for a particular service that isn't listed above? If so, please call (414) 559-1227 or email to discuss your specific computer needs. If I can't help you out, I will try to help you find someone who can. © 2007-2018, All Rights Reserved | | |