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  Business Services

I provide a variety of IT services to meet the needs of your company. Many computer questions and problems can be resolved quickly via the online without the need for an office visit. If you have any special projects you would like to discuss, please contact me and I will work with you to provide a free estimate.

Call (414) 559-1227 or email to set up an appointment or a free consultation.

Available business services include:

IT Department Outsourcing
Many companies do not have the need or the budget for a full-time IT staff. Other companies may require supplemental outside support to assist with various IT-related projects. In either case, I can work with you and your staff to provide an affordable and complete IT support solution to meet the needs of your company.
Remote Help Desk
Remote Help Desk
Using the latest technology from Citrix Systems, it is possible for me to provide remote help desk support without the need for any pre-installed software on your end. This fast and secure access allows me to log on to your computers to provide instant help desk support or real-time training. Check out the page for more information.
PC Repair
Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

Whether you need assistance with you computers, servers, or peripherals, I can help. I have vast experience troubleshooting computer system problems of all types including PC hardware, software, printers/scanners, networks, and just about anything else computer-related.

System Optimization/Tune-up
Are you noticing degrading performance with your PC's? It may be time to tune-up your office PC's and/or server. I have the tools and knowledge to help in this area.
Virus/Spyware Removal
Did your security software detect a virus or spyware program that it cannot repair or remove? Is your computer running slower than it did a week ago, but no viruses or spyware are being detected? Do you even have security software installed on your PC's and servers? I can assist you with all of these items.
Network Design and Troubleshooting

If your company doesn't currently have a network, you may want to consider implementing one. Increased security, file and printer sharing, and centralized backups are just a few benefits of networks. If your company already has a network, you may need assistance with troubleshooting problems or configuring new devices. I can also assist you with connecting remote offices together or establishing secure connections to allow your staff to work from home.


With all of the new and ever-changing technology emerging in today's business world, people often find themselves overwhelmed just trying to complete common daily tasks. Don't let technology hinder your ability to do your job. I can provide one-on-one or classroom-based training on a variety of topics.


Systems Security

Your PC's, servers and networks contain valuable and sensitive data that you don't want compromised. Let me show you how to protect your systems and data from external AND internal threats. I can also work with your company to develop a Corporate Security Policy to define the procedures, guidelines and practices for configuring and managing IT security within your company.

Hardware/Software Installation
Do you need assistance setting up new PC's in your office. Did you purchase a new software title, but aren't exactly sure how to install and configure it on your PC or network? With years of experience building PC's and installing and configuring many different software titles, I can help.
Web Design
Web Site/Intranet Design
Do you already have a web site? If not, I can create one for you. I can also help you maintain and improve your existing web site. In addition, you may want to consider a secure intranet (internal web site) for your staff.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you want to increase you visibility on the web? Increasing your Google page rank and helping your web site show up at the top of major search engines is an important sales and marketing tool. Let me show you how to accomplish this.

Other Services
Are you looking for a particular service that isn't listed above? If so, please call (414) 559-1227 or email to discuss your specific IT needs. If I can't help you out, I will try to help you find someone who can. © 2007-2018, All Rights Reserved | | |